Required dependencies

Add the following dependencies to your project:


Creating Spans

To create a span, use the Tracer interface. The Tracer interface is the main entry point for the OpenTelemetry API. It allows you to create spans and manage the current span. Acquire a Tracer instance using the OpenTelemetry class:

import io.opentelemetry.api.GlobalOpenTelemetry;

Tracer tracer = GlobalOpenTelemetry.getTracer("instrumentation-scope-name", "instrumentation-scope-version");

Now you can create a span using the Tracer instance:

Span span = tracer.spanBuilder("span-name").startSpan();
try (Scope scope = span.makeCurrent()) {
    // Your code goes here.
} finally {

Additional information

For more use cases, see the OpenTelemetry Java API documentation.