Odigos VM Agent is currently available with the Odigos Pro plan. Contact us for more info
  1. After setting up Odigos repositories, odigos package is available through system’s package manager:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install odigos
  1. Add your Odigos Pro license key to the agent configuration file /etc/odigos-vmagent/service.yaml:
  token: "<your_license_key>"
  1. Configure which systemd services to instrument and where to send telemetry data by editing the agent configuration file /etc/odigos-vmagent/agent.yaml. After installation, only debug destination is configured. That helps you to validate that Odigos is picking up telemetry on instrumented applications and can be removed once you don’t need it. See the Reference for more information.

  2. Start the Odigos VM Agent systemd service:

sudo systemctl enable --now odigos-vmagent

Odigos VM Agent is now installed on your system and enabled as a systemd service.