The “Rename Attribute” Odigos Action can be used to rename attributes from logs, metrics, and traces. Different instrumentations might use different attribute names for similar information. This action let’s you to consolidate the names across your cluster.


The action will rename attributes from the following contexts:

  • Resource attributes for spans, metrics and log records.
  • Scope attributes for spans and metrics.
  • Span attributes for spans.
  • Span Events attributes for spans.
  • Metric data point attributes for metrics.
  • Log record attributes for logs.

The action will rename the specified attributes from all telemetry signals that are specified in the signals field, regardless of the source, or any other condition.

Basic Example

The basic example below shows how to rename the deprecated net.peer.address attribute to stable network.peer.address in all telemetry signals.

Create a file named rename-net.action.yaml with the following content:

kind: RenameAttribute
  name: rename-net-to-network
  namespace: odigos-system
  actionName: Rename network attributes
    net.peer.address: network.peer.address
    net.local.address: network.local.address
    net.peer.ip: network.peer.address network.local.address
  - LOGS

Apply the action to the cluster:

kubectl apply -f rename-net.action.yaml

Full Action Options

The full list of options available:

  • renames (required): A map of strings, key representing the name of the attribute to rename and values the desired name.

  • signals (required): An array with the signals that the processor will act on (TRACES, METRICS, LOGS).

  • actionName (optional): Allows you to attach a meaningful name to the action for convenience. Odigos does not use or assume any meaning from this field.

  • notes (optional): A free-form text field that allows you to attach notes to the action for convenience. Odigos does not use or assume any meaning from this field.

  • disabled (optional): A boolean field that allows you to disable the action. When set to true, the action will not be executed. The default value is false.