Choosing target applications

You should now see the following page:

Select target applications

Select all the applications in the default namespace and click Next.

Selecting Apply for future apps will automatically generate distributed traces for any application that will be deployed on that namespace in the future.

Adding Jaeger as a destination

In the next step, you will be asked to select a destination for your traces. Scroll down to the self hosted destinations and click on Jaeger.

Select Jaeger

Connection details

You will now be asked to provide the connection details for your Jaeger instance:

  • Destination name: A name for your destination
  • Host: The hostname of your Jaeger instance.

Enter any name you want for the destination, and enter jaeger.tracing:4317 as the host.

Jaeger connection details

That’s it! You can now click Next and finish the wizard.

Odigos will now instrument your selected applications and deploy the nessesary OpenTelemetry collectors. The following page will show an overview of your observability pipeline:

Observability pipeline