Start the Odigos UI


Start the Odigos UI. This will start a web server that you can access in your browser, and enables you to manage and configure Odigos.

odigos ui [flags]


    # Start the Odigos UI on http://localhost:3000
    odigos ui

    # Start the Odigos UI on specific port if 3000 is already in use
    odigos ui --port 3456

    # Start the Odigos UI and have it manage and configure a specific cluster
    odigos ui --kubeconfig <path-to-kubeconfig>


        --address                   address to serve the UI on (default "localhost")
        --port                      port to listen on (default 3000)
        --debug                     enable debug mode

Options inherited from parent commands

        --kubeconfig string   (optional) absolute path to the kubeconfig file