Unistall Odigos from your cluster


Revert all the changes made by the odigos install command. This command will uninstall Odigos from your cluster. It will delete all Odigos objects and rollback any metadata changes made to your objects.

odigos uninstall [flags]

Note: This command is not revertable and will delete any configuration you have made to your Odigos installation.


    # Uninstall Odigos open-source or cloud from the cluster in your kubeconfig active context.
    odigos uninstall

    # Uninstall Odigos without confirmation
    odigos uninstall --yes
    # Uninstall Odigos cloud from a specific cluster
    odigos uninstall --kubeconfig <path-to-kubeconfig>

    # Install a fresh setup of Odigos
    odigos uninstall
    odigos install


      --yes              skip the confirmation prompt

Options inherited from parent commands

        --kubeconfig string   (optional) absolute path to the kubeconfig file