You can use Grafana Cloud managed service as a backend for Odigos to store your logs, metrics, and traces. This page describes how to configure Odigos to use Grafana Cloud Tempo as a trace backend.

Notice: these instructions are for the Grafan cloud managed Tempo service. If you run a self hosted Tempo, please follow the instructions in the Tempo page.

All the connection details can be found at under My Account

Grafana labs website

Then, under the “GRAFANA CLOUD” title, select your Grafana Stuck, browser to the “Tempo” card and click “Send Traces”

Tempo managed service configuration

To send traces to Grafana Cloud Tempo, you need to configure the following settings:

  • Endpoint - This is the URL of the Tempo service, in the form of host:port. For example: You can find the endpoint under the “Sending data to Tempo” section.
  • Username - You can find the username in the “Sending data to Tempo” section under the “basic_auth” yaml field. The username is a number.
  • Password - This field is refered to as “password” or “ API Token” in the Grafana Cloud UI. You can manage tokens in your “Account Settings” page under the “SECURITY” section in the “Access Policies” page. Make sure your token scope includes “traces:write” scope.