Finding Region

You can find your account’s region by selecting ⚙️ > Settings > General from the top menu. Your two-letter region code is at the start of the region designation. Another option is to sign in to your account and look at the URL in the address bar.

If you see, your account is hosted in the US East (Northern Virginia). All other regions have a two-letter region code. For example, if you see, then your account is in the Europe (Frankfurt) region.

Obtaining Tokens

From your account, go to the Manage Tokens > Data shipping tokens tab of your Operations workspace. It can be reached by selecting ⚙️ > Settings > Manage tokens in the ADMIN ZONE section of the side navigation menu.

Configuring Backend

Create a new backend with the following configuration:

  • Name: A name for the backend.
  • Region: The region of your account.
  • Tracing/Metrics/Logs Token: The token you obtained from